Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jacob Bogatin: How to travel around the world for almost free

Can not imagine your life without going? In this case, you will need a list of organizations and resources with which you can visit new countries and gain invaluable experience, which was prepared by Jacob Bogatin.

Help Exchange - on this resource, locals from around the world invite travelers who are ready to help them in the household or in small business in exchange for free housing, food, sometimes excursions or even yoga. A great way to not only visit a new place but also to explore the local culture. Just choose the type of work that is right for you, and contact the owner. For example, you can join Italian farming, spending only two hours a day on this, says Jacob Bogatin.

Youth in Action - this educational program of the European Union for young people (up to 30 years) annually grants non-profit organizations to their projects in different countries, including Macedonia, Great Britain, Turkey, Georgia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, says Jacob Bogatin.