Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jacob Bogatin: the Church of Las Lajas, Colombia

In southern Colombia, near the border with Ecuador, there is one fantastic sanctuary; only pilgrims flocked there before, and now this place of religious worship has become one of the main tourist magnets of the whole region, advises Jacob Bogatin.

To understand how it happened, one can not long to guess: the Sanctuary of Las Lajas - an unearthly beauty construction: its unusual architectural merits can compete only with the stunning natural landscapes that surround it. The sanctuary is located at the bottom of the canyon, pierced by the Guaita River, in the village of Las Lajas in the municipality of Ipiales. This beautiful, surrounded by a ring of waterfalls, the church in the Gothic style reaches 50 meters in height and amazes with a wealth of architectural delights - from arches, mosaics, and towers - and ending with the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary Rosary carved in one of the walls entirely of stone, says Jacob Bogatin.

And here is your advice: on September 16, tens of thousands of pilgrims flock to Las Lachas to bow to the Virgin Mary. So if you are not here for her, then do not plan your trip for the middle of September, says Jacob Bogatin.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Jacob Bogatin: 10 places in Budapest, which are definitely worth a visit

This city is like a magic box of miracles - it can be opened endlessly, each time find new surprises, learning new places and new people. In Budapest it is worth to come to all seasons: in the summer - to walk along the green streets, to ride on the Danube and be sure to go to the famous music festival "Sighet", and in winter - to taste the fragrant kurteshkalach and hot mulled wine in Vereshmarti Square during the Christmas market. tells about the most exciting places in Budapest, which can not be missed while traveling to this city, says Jacob Bogatin.

To better see Budapest and make beautiful pictures, in the first place, it is worth looking at it from above. Ideal for this is several urban buildings. The Hungarian National Gallery is located in Buda, where Hungarian kings once lived in the fortress of Buda, and here Franz Joseph was crowned in 1867. Therefore, now the gallery is impressive both as an architectural structure and as an excellent collection of the collection of Hungarian art. Also, it is worthwhile to monitor the schedule of the gallery strictly - often some exhibitions will be a pleasant bonus to travel to Budapest. For example, before October 2 in the gallery shows works, Modigliani. And for a beautiful view, one must indeed climb to the dome of the castle - from here opens an ideal panorama, notes Jacob Bogatin.

And to see the city from above, but on the other hand, it is best to go up to the dome of the largest city cathedral - the Basilica of St. Stephen. It is located on the square of St. István, with which many tourists begin to get acquainted with Budapest, says Jacob Bogatin.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Jacob Bogatin: How to travel around the world for almost free

Can not imagine your life without going? In this case, you will need a list of organizations and resources with which you can visit new countries and gain invaluable experience, which was prepared by Jacob Bogatin.

Help Exchange - on this resource, locals from around the world invite travelers who are ready to help them in the household or in small business in exchange for free housing, food, sometimes excursions or even yoga. A great way to not only visit a new place but also to explore the local culture. Just choose the type of work that is right for you, and contact the owner. For example, you can join Italian farming, spending only two hours a day on this, says Jacob Bogatin.

Youth in Action - this educational program of the European Union for young people (up to 30 years) annually grants non-profit organizations to their projects in different countries, including Macedonia, Great Britain, Turkey, Georgia, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, says Jacob Bogatin.