Thursday, September 27, 2018

Jacob Bogatin: the Church of Las Lajas, Colombia

In southern Colombia, near the border with Ecuador, there is one fantastic sanctuary; only pilgrims flocked there before, and now this place of religious worship has become one of the main tourist magnets of the whole region, advises Jacob Bogatin.

To understand how it happened, one can not long to guess: the Sanctuary of Las Lajas - an unearthly beauty construction: its unusual architectural merits can compete only with the stunning natural landscapes that surround it. The sanctuary is located at the bottom of the canyon, pierced by the Guaita River, in the village of Las Lajas in the municipality of Ipiales. This beautiful, surrounded by a ring of waterfalls, the church in the Gothic style reaches 50 meters in height and amazes with a wealth of architectural delights - from arches, mosaics, and towers - and ending with the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary Rosary carved in one of the walls entirely of stone, says Jacob Bogatin.

And here is your advice: on September 16, tens of thousands of pilgrims flock to Las Lachas to bow to the Virgin Mary. So if you are not here for her, then do not plan your trip for the middle of September, says Jacob Bogatin.